Putting like you know you will make it!

January 09, 2015 Daniel Willis

Not knowing the outcome,a lack of success or trying something for the first time. To me this is the definition of nerves. Speaking in front of people, starting a new job, the first tee shot in your club championship and the last putt for a win. All things that may or may not be life changing but create a sense of urgency because one may not know the outcome. The professional speaker, the self sufficient individual, and the professional golfer all get nervous but all have had success, otherwise they are not a professional. 
Once one has practiced or become comfortable with a certain act then nerves turn into confidence. The outcome may vary on occasion but the "professional" can safely predict an outcome. Practice might not make perfect but it will most certainly increase the odds of success. 
Str8Putt is the one device on the market that will decrease ones nerves over a makeable putt. Confidence is built in knowing that your putting stroke has become so reliable that given all other factors are correct you will make it. Knowing that your putting stroke will hold up under pressure is like knowing that perfect 10 you just saw will marry you one day, or at least go on a date. 
Failure on the putting green is incredibly frustrating, sometimes embarrassing and will most certainly affect the rest of your game. Confidence, success and knowing your odds are high can lead to the lowest round of your life. Everyone wants that. 
Str8 Putt will build this confidence so when you stand on the first green you know that your chance of success that day is as good as it has ever been. Like they say, "knowing is half the battle". 

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