The Concept

Do you take the putter back and through on the path you are trying? Do you know for sure? How can you tell?  Just because you missed the putt does not mean you made a bad stroke or does it?

Str8Putt was designed to give instant feedback on where the putter is going.  By moving the aid up near the hands, which control the path of the putter, you the golfer can feel, hear and see when and why you go wrong.  The simple yet hard to master design of str8putt is to NOT hit the parallel arms with the putter shaft.

There are no unanswered questions when you use Str8Putt.  

Do you set your eyes over the ball? Are your hands set at the same angle every time?  All these questions can be answered very quickly using the easy to carry and setup Str8Putt training aid.  Consistency in ones setup will lead to confidence which means more made putts and no (or less) three putts.  

Str8Putt will correct your putting flaws and give you the confidence that when you are on the green you will make a great stroke.  The simple yet highly effective putting aid will deliver immediate and long lasting results.  Order yours today!