The Concept

Start at the orange dot and don’t hit the parallel bars while making a putting stroke. Simple as that. 

If you have 15 minutes 3-4 times a week, you can become a better putter. 

Make 5 strokes in a row without hitting the bars and then move on to the next level. Being a good putter is about confidence and practice. Str8 Putt gives you the chance to practice your putting stroke when and wherever you want. 

Whether you are straight back and through or you like some arc in your stroke, Str8 Putt is designed to make your stroke more repeatable. By using Str8 Putt you will automatically be set up the same way every time which creates muscle memory and confidence. 

If you use Str8 Putt you will gain the confidence that it takes to make those short putts over and over which will lead to lower scores. Money back guarantee.