You need to practice your putting stroke!

You need to practice your putting stroke!

You need to practice your putting stroke! I know there are people out there saying that it doesn’t help and I heard one even say that Tiger’s two tee putting drill doesn’t do much good, can I be there when he tells Tiger that please?!? Also those people saying that have never won the Masters. A good putting stroke will help you become a better putter period. Using Str8 Putt is the best and fastest way to learn a better stroke. 

So how does Str8 Putt help? It's sort of how a bank teller is trained in detecting fake bank notes.  They touch thousands of real notes before they ever feel a fake one.  As we know not every real bill feels the same but they still learn its real so that when the fake one touches their fingers it is an instantaneous recognition.

This is how Str8 Putt works. You train in "perfection" so that when you are under pressure or the stroke goes wrong, you can get it back on track. By training with the rails, you get a gentle understanding of when the putter travels too far inside or out. This also helps with more center strikes and a better start line. With moveable arms, Str8 Putt gives you the flexibility you want in your training. A little wider if you like more of an arc or narrow for straight back and through.

We will never be perfect on the greens but when you can train perfect, you will be better than before. Being consistent in your stroke can only help to shooting lower scores.

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